Thursday, April 15, 2010

I Thought I Knew How to Ride a Bike...

On Tuesday, I had a very interesting experience. We took 6 of the kids from preschool to the lunar market to buy baby chicks, eggs, and fruit for our "spring fling" party on Friday. The kids at the foster home don't really got to leave the foster home very often so we take them out every opportunity that they get. On Tuesday, we took them to the market.
We walked outside with the 6 kids who we were bringing with and figured that we would put them in the double strollers that we have. Wrong. Instead, there was a bike with a wagon attached to it (very commonly seen on the Chinese streets). So we piled all 6 kids into the wagon. Sarah (the preschool teacher) asked us who wanted to ride a bike and my roomate, Jess, volunteered thinking that it was the extra bike, NOT the one pulling the kids. Boy were we wrong. It WAS the one with the kids! Not only that, but it is ridiculously hard to ride. Apparently you can't tip over in it but you feel like you are and it doesn't drive straight. Of course the good friend that I am, I kept laughing at Jess the whole time. Well on the way home, I got my turn. Wow.... so much harder than I imagined! I kept falling off and almost ran into a ditch as well! At one point Sarah asked me if I knew HOW to ride a bike, I answered, "I thought I did!" Apparently just not a Chinese bike pulling 5 small children. I finally got the hang of it and at one point was going rather fast because I was scared that if I slowed down I'd lose control. Gloria (another preschool teacher and a good friend of mine) who was pushing from behind yelled to me, "Anneli!!!! Pull over!" She was completely out of breath. : ) I really wish we had it in video but I guess pictures will have to do.  
Anyways, we finally made it back to the foster home safe and sound and thankful no one was hurt and it was a very interesting experience.


  1. That's HILARIOUS!! OH, how I wish it were on video, too...I already have a pretty good mental picture going on of what the whole scene must've looked like though. LOL!! ;)

    Have a fun party with the kiddos. I can't wait to see photos.

    Oh...and I thought you might like to know that I WILL get to meet you!! ...we leave on the 6th! Oh happy day!!! :o)


  2. What a fun trip. At least the adults got a workout. ;) Poor Gloria. The pictures on the blog are cute. Did you get any, Anneli?

    How exciting that the two of you get to meet Tanya and Anneli!

    I love hearing your stories, Anneli!!!


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