Monday, April 12, 2010

Chinese Milk Tea

In the last couple weeks, my roomate, Jess (who is Chinese but from America), got me addicted to these wonderful beverages. It is Chinese milk tea (the coffee flavor of course) which are delicious. It comes in this handy little pack that includes a straw, the little fruity pieces that make the drink interesting and the actual drink mix. You then dump the mix into the cup, pour in the fruit pieces (although they are optional) and then just add hot water. You have a fabulous hot drink in seconds! It does help that our water dispensers have hot water in them or else you would have to heat up water. You can't find these in America! I'm attaching a lovely picture that I took of the drink I am consuming at this exact moment.  : )


  1. hmmmm... I just may have to try one of those when we're there... if I can remember what to look for! :)


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