Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I Feel Like a Local

Tonight we have stay longer at the foster home for a time of fellowship with the other foreigners. It gets dark and many times we call a car to drive us home. Well between the 6 interns in our apartment plus 1 other girl, there are 7 in total to fit in a car for 5 people. Jess and I decided rather than trying to squeeze into the car we rode Ariel and Brittany's bikes home for them. What an experience! Neither of the bikes go very straight and it is pitch dark out (no street lights like in the states). I kept calling back to Jess making sure she was close behind me. She was following me (for those of you who know me, know that may not be the best idea!) home. It was hard the main road because people are walking and it's pitch dark so thankfully we didn't hit any pedestrians, I don't have bicycle insurance. To say the least, it was an interesting experience and one that I think Jess and I will do again. We felt like the locals tonight on our bikes. : )

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  1. I love reading about your little 'adventures'... I just got done watching Jess's videos of the great wall...the tobaggans look so fun! I hope we get to visit that same point when we are there.

    Did you get to meet Molly and Craig when they were there (Evan's parents)?? They are such nice people. I am doing their blog posts for them while they are over there, as they couldn't get the vtunnel to work for them, so it's been fun getting their updates. Evan is doing great so far.

    Any new Khloe pics lately? (hint*hint!) I know, I'm shameless!! Just missing my sweetie and seeing those photos and videos sure do help. I've been wearing out the one you made of her for me. I love the preschool part...it's my favorite! :) We're expecting our TA any day now. Our agency got 3 on Monday, and our's was not one of them, but she said that they are expecting it could still come this week. They were checking on the status for us, so hopefully I hear back. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers... I've been feeling really emotional lately, and just want to be there already. Praying I get to meet you before you go back home.

    Keep the adventures coming...I so enjoy reading about them!! :)



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