Friday, March 5, 2010

Tristan's Memorial Service

Today we had the memorial service for Tristan. It was really beautiful but was hard on everyone. We had it in the guesthouse and all the nannies, teachers and staff were there. They showed a slideshow of him and it just showed how much this little boy was loved. I was thinking alot during the service. Thinking about how much this little boy is missed. Then thinking about how much he was loved. He really was the little kid who would brighten a room by his smile. He had the chubbiest, most kissable cheeks too! I was thinking about how if he had died in an orphanage, he would never have had a beautiful memorial service like this one or may not even have lived this long. It then got me thinking about all the other orphans not only all over China but all over the world. How there are so many kids who die and no one misses them. No one realizes they are gone. Some may not even have names. Tristan had a name. He had nannies that loved him so much and who wanted him to have a family of his own so badly. People that will miss him and be sad that he's gone. However we all know that Tristan is happy now. He is in no more pain. No more tears, no more crying, probably no more sharing toys (he never was very good at that!). He has the coolest daddy ever and his heart is completely healed. We miss him terribly but know that he was loved so much in his short 18 months on this earth. He was a blessing to many and his life will be remembered as that. We also find comfort in knowing that we will see him again someday.


  1. Yes, a beautifully written post indeed. Tristan was so special and he will be deeply missed by many. Yet like you, it burdens my heart to think of the millions of orphans that will die without anyone ever remembering their existance. Tristan is amongst the lucky ones, who did know what it was like to be loved unconditionally! There is comfort in knowing his is now in the arms of his Forever Father! <><


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