Friday, March 5, 2010

I ate "dragon eyes!"

Okay, so I decided that this would make a funny post. In preschool, the kids always have a fruit before they get cookies or crackers for their snack. Usually it's apples or oranges. Well today it was these weird fruits. They were super small and had skin on them. Well we peeled the skin to find this clear, jelly looking fruit around a black seed. I asked Sarah (preschool director) what the name of this fruit was and she laughed and said that the chinese name translated means "dragon eye." She didn't know the english name for it, probably because I think it is a chinese thing and doesn't exist in the states. I got brave and tried it (because being in a foreign country is all about trying new things right?). I wouldn't say it was bad but I wouldnt' say it was good either. It was very interesting. I really wish I'd taken a picture of it and the look on my face as I'm trying to eat this thing. Oh the experiences of China. However I love it!

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