Thursday, March 18, 2010

Sweet Thought

On our way home from the foster home today, Brittany and I came across a lady who had bought some potatoes and her bag had broken and the potatoes were all over the side of the road. So we quickly stopped to help her pick them up and put them in a new bag. About 5 minutes later, she stops us on her bike speaking very quickly in chinese. See Brittany was walking her bike so that she could walk with me home. We soon realized that she was offereing for me to ride on the back of her bike. Here's the thing, the chinese do this ALL the time and have very good balance. Now for those of you who know me also know that I am rather clumsy sometimes so I decided it was best not to take her up on her offer for a ride home. It was such a sweet thought of her though. I just love it here.
I know these pictures have absolutely nothing to do with my story, but thought that they were just precious of baby Kiah and had to share. : )


  1. I love that story. Kindness shown, kindness returned...even if you did decide to pass. I would've been worried about my own balance, too! ;)

    And those photos of baby Kiah...

  2. I love your blog Anneli! Thank you for sharing your experiences & your photos. These of Kiah are so sweet. And I love the story of how you chose her name.

    Most of all thank you for sharing your love with these little ones...looks like you have lots of fun.


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