Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I am not in the states anymore...

I realize that I have been living in China for almost 2 months now but it still hits me from time to time where I really am. Everyone/everythings tells me in China but it doesn't always seem really that after 7 years of wanting to come here and do this, I'm actually here. On our walk home today, Jess and I saw a reality that we are indeed in China. We were just walking along on the main street through the village when I look on the other side of the road and see a girl about 6 years old with her pants around her ankles "squatting" and doing her business right there. I wont go into detail and gross you all out but I just started cracking up laughing. That is definately not something you see every day at home. Jess kept telling me, "Anneli don't look, give her some privacy" with which I reacted, "she's pooping on the side of the main road out in the open for everyone to see!" Too funny.
In other less gross news, here are a couple of pictures of Annie and Khloe with their playdough in preschool today. They are in the 2 year old afternoon preschool class and only 3 of the kids tried to eat it today, not bad right? : ) They are just too cute and thought I'd share. I love these kids so much and no matter how many pictures I take of them or how often I see them, I can't get over how cute they are.
Speaking of Annie, I was able to skype with her family this morning which was really neat. She is going to a great family.

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  1. Oh my word...are you kidding me?! Well, I'm pretty sure I would've had the same reaction as you, so thanks for the heads up. Just so long as we don't see an ADULT squatting on the side of the road!! LOL! That was a gross (but FUNNY) story!!

    And cute photos...Looks like I'll need to stock up on some PlayDough!

    Are Annie's new parents from the states? Please feel free to give them my email and/or blog address. I'd love to keep in touch, as I know Annie and Khloe are good friends and 'Roomies'!! :)

    Thanks for the good laugh...I needed it today!

    God bless! <><


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