Monday, February 8, 2010

Super bowl & chinese dinner guest

So for whatever reason there were a few things that I knew I'd be missing once I came to China and it made me a little sad. One of those is the super bowl. For those of you that know me well, know that I do not really like football. However, the super bowl is one game that you just watch whether you are a football fan or not. Every year my family has friends over to my house for the super bowl and I was sad I was going to miss it. Even when I was in college, I'd usually come home for the super bowl. Anyways..... we had a super bowl party in China! Yes, it was at 7:30 a.m. MONDAY morning (since I have 13 hours ahead of home) at the Brennaman's house. It was so fun to hang out with all the foreign volunteers and watch the game. We had more breakfast style meal since it was so early in the morning for us but it was a lot of fun. So I got to see all the comercials from the super bowl and everything. Definately one super bowl that I will not forget. : )
This evening we also had another neat opportunity. Anna works in the gift shop at the foster home and is so sweet each morning when we all go in there to buy coffee. She really wants to improve her english and so she talks to us (by us I mean me and my roomates) every chance she gets. So she invited us, along with Carrie and Jacob, to her home for dinner tonight. It was so fun to go to a real chinese house and have a meal with them. Anna and her son were there along with her in-laws (when you get married in China you live with your husbands parents). They were so cute! We had an amazing chinese meal where all the food is placed in the middle of the table and we all get chopsticks and just eat out of any of them. You don't put food onto a seperate plate in China. I'm pretty sure at one point that Anna's mother-in-law was making fun of me and my poor use of chopsticks. : )  However I have no idea what she was saying since she speaks no english. Her father-in-law also played a chinese instrument for us (doesn't have an english name I guess) which was pretty neat. It was neat to see a chinese home. They live so simply yet they have what they need. Really makes me think about the way we live in the states.
Well I just enjoyed a lovely piece of cheesecake (thanks to Nicole's birthday which is Sunday) and am now heading to bed. Oh, other exciting news is that I purchased some yarn and needles and have decided to pick up knitting again in my spare time. It is so relaxing and is way better than spending all my free time on the computer. : )
Thanks for all your thoughts and comments.

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