Friday, February 26, 2010

February birthdays!

Today at the foster home we celebrated all the February birthdays. All I can say is that the chinese really know how to celebrate birthdays! We bring all of the kids in the preschool room and then we sing happy birthday to each kid who has a birthday and then they have the chance to blow out their candles. So this means that we may sing happy birthday 5 times if there are 5 birthdays in that month. There were only 3 this month, Khloe turned 2, Samuel turned 2 and Evan turned 3. It's really cute when they sing happy birthday in chinese. The kids then get to eat as much cake as they want. I guess they figure that this is the one time a month that the kids get cake so they let them eat SO much of it! Then each child who has a birthday gets a gift. I think it's great that these kids have their birthdays celebrated like that. Khloe got a gift from her family in the states that will hopefully be coming to get her in the next few months. They also sent a special "birthday girl dress" for her, absolutely adorable.
Sending picturs shortly. I definately think the cutest ones are the ones where the kids are eating cake, priceless!

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