Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Christopher is being adopted!

Today was Christopher's last day at preschool. He is part of the foster home but is living with a foster family rather than in the foster home. When kids are doing really well, we move them from the foster home into foster families so that they can get more one on one attention that they can't always get in the foster home. They also don't need all of the medical attention the kids in the foster home need.We also hope that they will soon be adopted. As I was saying, Christopher has been matched with a family for quite a while and is meeting his parents on Monday! We're all so happy for him. It was a little sad in preschool today thought because he is leaving tomorrow to go back to his orphanage to get his passport for his adoption on Monday. He is very close with his foster mom. When she came to pick him up today she had tears streaming down her face. She loves this little boy so much. We are all so happy for him but it was hard to see how attached she was to him and how much she's going to miss him. He has been loved so much by her. Please be thinking about Christopher as he joines his family and also his foster mom as she lets him go. Also that he has a smooth transition as he is a very shy little guy and attached to his foster mom. We just hope that he will attach that much better to his parents. After the sadness last week, it's nice to have some happy moments. This is why I love what I do, being able to be here when these kids join their forever families.

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