Friday, October 23, 2009

Go Ahead!!!

I got the official "go ahead" for China so I will be purchasing my plane ticket in the next few days here. It's starting to feel a lot more real now! I had a little laugh when I got the email about going because the organization I will be going will send someone to pick me up at the airport and I'm to meet them by the Starbucks near baggage claim in Beijing. I think it's funny that my first stop in China will be at a Starbucks. I love it already! I will be flying out of Buffalo on Tuesday, January 19th and will be flying back into Buffalo on Friday, May 14th. Things are moving along!
Continue to keep me in your prayers. The closer my trip gets the more excited I get but also the more nervous. There are a lot of things that need to be done before then and my fundraising is starting to come together right now. For those of you expecting support letters from me, my goal is to get them out on Monday, so we know what Anneli will be doing all weekend! : )
Prayer reuqests are getting all the fundraising together as I send out letters and also for my fundraising dinner at Zion in a few weeks. Also as I prepare myself spiritually and emotionally for this amazing opportunity that God has given me. I also pray for each one of the children that I will touch while I'm in China and that God will give me the strength to continue on each and every day.
Thanks, you guys are great!

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