Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Desperately needed update

Well I guess that I didn't do to well on the updates this summer while I was at camp. I had an amazing and incredible summer that I can't even begin to describe. God did some amazing things in my life and taught me many things. I loved working at camp and am prayerfully considering possibly doing it another summer.

Now on the job front which is the main reason why I was starting this blog. I am currently living at home and saving some money. Not exactly what I thought I would be doing but the Lord really worked everything out. I am nannying for the Lawton family out in Lakewood. Kind of a long story as to how I got the job. I have 3 little kids that I watch Monday through Friday 7:30 - 3:30 since their Mom teaches. Elli will be 5 in November, Jake will be 3 also in November and Addy is 15 months. They are so much fun but can also be a handful. I'm also helping coach STAR this year as well which has been fun to get involved with swimming again.

That's the update for now!

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