Sunday, June 1, 2008

Some of my thoughts

There are so many things going through my mind right now that I don't know where to start. I went to the library on Friday to try and find a job. Well, no such luck. However, I told myself "what's the big hurry? It's the end of May and I don't want to start until September!" So why am I so worried about the fall and where I'll be? The Lord knows EXACTLY where He wants me and what He wants me doing. I can't control that. I was looking at orphan care ministries and that is definately something that I want to get into. However, I just haven't. There are so many great ministries out there, but the problem right now is that they are unpaid. Unfortunately I need a job that pays. I need to be making an income even though I know that it wont be much. The Lord will take care of me and bless me. He put this passion of helping the orphans into my heart so strongly that I believe He has big plans for me in my future and I can make a difference. I've been doing a lot of praying lately. Not that a job will come up but praying that the Lord will grant me that peace of mind and contentness in my life that I can enjoy the here and now and not worry about 3 months down the road. I also pray that the Lord will also show me the direction He wants me to take and that I'll take it. To show me the search engines I should be using or the people I should be in contact in. The Lord will show me the way and I need to patient and wait on Him. He will see me through.

I've also realized how precious life is and who we should not take it for granted. Ever since Maria Chapman's tragic death a week and a half ago, a day has not gone by that I don't think of her and the entire Chapman family. They are constantly in my thoughts and prayers. How woud I manage if I lost Kiah suddently like that? I'm not sure how I would cope. However, I realize that why am I jumping ahead in my future when I should enjoy life right now? We don't know how long we will be on this earth and we need to enjoy it now. Enjoy what time the Lord has given us here on earth.

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