Friday, June 6, 2008

Hot Day at the Pool

Well it was a scorcher today in western NY. I guess the temperature got up to around 90 which is very hot for us. We're used to the cold but not the warmth. It was nice to have the sun out and shining but I would have taken it a bit cooler if at all possible. I was stuck at the pool until late cleaning everything up. I guess I'm going to have a pretty good paycheck though so I shouldn't complain. Tomorrow is supposed to be another warm one, so not looking forward to that. It's hard because where we live you really don't need central air conditioning but it gets SO hot when it does get hot.

The boys play Catt. Little Valley tomorrow for the Section 6 Class C championship. Good luck Asa and Thad! Can't wait to see how the boys do!

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