Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Perfect job, wrong location

So since many of you know I've been starting the job search at international adoption agencies. I will not be applying for jobs until May at the very earliest since I don't want to start until September 2008. However, I have been going on agencies' websites everyday just to see what I can find. I would prefer to work in international adoptions and preferably an agency that works with China since I would love to end up working with China.

I found one at AWAA (American World Adoption Association) as the Intake Coordinator. It would be a perfect job for me, however it's in McClean, VA (outside of DC) and that's not really the area I would like to move too.

I keep praying that the perfect job will open up in June or July and that I can start in September. I know that the Lord will work everything out, it's just rather frustrating right now. Please keep praying for me!

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