Monday, January 19, 2015

My Weekend

What a lovely weekend it was. As much as I am liking my new job, it is always hard to get back into the routine after having a day off. Since today was Martin Luther King Jr. Day, I had a three day weekend! I will not rub it in how gorgeous the weather was this weekend (sorry NY friends!), but let's just say it was lovely.

Saturday I stopped in the leasing office to pick up some pictures I had ordered and the kind office lady insisted I take some of the leftover donuts. On Saturday's, our leasing office has donuts and coffee which I have yet to make it too. Since I can't say "no" to anything sweet and they were so pretty (I knew they would photograph well), I took them home. 

Do donuts freeze? I guess we will find out. Since I did not want to be tempted to eat all four in one sitting, I ate one and froze the rest. We will see how they turn out!

 Sunday was Church, lunch with my co-worker, laundry, and catching up on the phone with a few friends.

Today was another gorgeous okay day and so I decided to check out a local park and trail along the river.
It was beautiful, so peaceful, and I will definitely visit again.

Would you all just look at that HILL?!?! Yes, there ARE hills in Oklahoma!

Happy Martin Luther King Day and Happy Monday!

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  1. You should be fine freezing donuts as long as you wrap them well. My Grannie used to all the time. Came out pretty close to what you expect!


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