Monday, October 13, 2014

World Record Grape Stomping ~ Jamestown, NY

Did you know that I am from the birth place of Lucille Ball from the show "I love Lucy?" I have never watched the show (I know, I know), but apparently there is some "grape stomping" that occurs in an episode.

This past weekend was a first. My sister, Aunt, and cousin all took part in making history. The record was broken on October 11th for the most "grape stompers" at once for a 3 minute period. That is right, Jamestown, NY is now in the record books after beating Spain's previous record. Spain had 800+ people and Jamestown had 1,232! I opted to be the photographer rather than taking part in making history. After all, we have to document history, don't we?

First, we had to prepare to stomp grapes. What in the world do you wear? Garbage bags will do!

Kiah hamming it up for the camera.

Aunt Sharon and Stina all set to go!

There was a quite a bit of news coverage for the occasion.

The crew! (Grandma didn't stomp grapes, she was there for moral support).

This was all her idea. She was so excited!

My sweet (and crazy photogenic) sister.

And the bandannas are on!

Helping others take pictures.

It was so fun having some cousin time this weekend!

Entering the "vat." They had to walk to carefully in order to not stomp all the grapes right away!

So many people!

It's like "where's Waldo?" But rather, "where's Kiah?"

There is the group!

Great job, ladies!

Purple feet for the next few days.

 It will definitely be something that will be remembered. It was a fun time!

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