Thursday, September 18, 2014

{Photography} All About the Lighting

It's so exciting finally having my camera again! However, since I was so long without it, I feel like I am backtracking and have been spending time learning how to use it all over again. Which I never fully mastered before I lost it for 7 weeks! 

I really want to become a better photographer. While I was in China, I had such willing subjects. Here, I have to bribe beg my sister to allow me to photograph her. A few nights ago, the lighting was gorgeous. And one thing I have learned, is that it's all about the lighting. It is hard to capture a good picture if your lighting isn't just right. From the reading I've done, I've learned that sunrise and sunset are great times to photograph. After taking these pictures the other evening, I must say I agree.

Photography is a lot more difficult than I thought. I figured once I got a nice camera, that it would do all the work. 
Not the case AT ALL.
I bought it last December and am finally starting to really get the hang of it.
I am nowhere near being great, but I have learned so much from this amazing website! For real, Courtney gives such wonderful tutorials and explains it in "my easy to understand language." So for those of you just starting out with a DSLR or just want to become a better photographer, check out Click it up a Notch!

You can do as much reading as you want, but the only thing that is really going to make you better is to practice. I know, I know, not what anyone wants to hear, but it's true! Even though I haven't necessarily noticed the difference, when I look at pictures I took at Christmas compared to pictures now, I see that I HAVE improved. It just takes time and practice is all.

Maybe I'll be able to talk Kiah into another photoshoot soon?


  1. Are you familiar with Nancy at Ordinary Miracles and the Crazy Nine? She does on-line courses; my wife got a lot from them.

    1. I have heard of her but hadn't really checked out her blog. I just did and there is all sorts of good information! Thanks!



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