Thursday, September 11, 2014

Mysterious Ways

The Lord works in mysterious ways, doesn't He? This is a story that I have debated the last few days about sharing. Why? Because it makes me look kind of like a crazy person! But the more I thought about it and how this story kept coming to mind, I decided I really should share it. 

Yesterday morning, like most mornings, I checked my email on my phone. 
I had an email from myself. 
Now THAT was weird! What was even weirder was that "I" had sent it at 12:32 a.m.... I was definitely sleeping then and I don't remember anything! 
My first thought was that my account was hacked and that it had sent some crazy link to everyone in my inbox. I opened it up, just to see what it was. It was an attachment... the above picture.

Now let me back up just a little bit... as many of you know, I'm in this huge period of transition and trying to seek the Lord in whatever it is He has for me next. Some days are good and I am loving all this free time I have and know that God is in control. And then there are other days when I just feel very discouraged. I have had several days in the last few weeks where I have felt very discouraged and just wish I knew "what God was up to" (don't we all?!). 

This verse came to me (from myself!) right when I needed it. Yeah, not quite sure why I was emailing myself pictures in the middle of the night, but apparently it was something I really needed.
Which it was. 
I don't know what the Lord has up those royal sleeves of us, but I know it will be good.

So did I send anyone else any pictures in the middle of the night? 
As I matter of fact, I did!
I sent Kiah an email as well with an attached picture taken at the Guangzhou zoo...
... of a hippo.
No idea what that is supposed to mean!
Any ideas?

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  1. A kind reminder from Him that He is with you and with your cherished sister who is on her own journey out of childhood and into adolescence.


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