Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Labor Day 2014

Labor Day 2014 has come and gone which means that summer has too. The 4th of July usually starts the summer around here and Labor Day marks the end. What a crazy summer it was.... half of it was spent in China and half here in the US. This was the first time I have been home for Labor Day since 2011 and it was a fun day.  

A local park has annual festivities (this was the 35th year!) which I have never gone too. So I dragged Kiah down there for a few hours.

We listened to some music...

... and some delicious and healthy food while walking around and checking out the craft tents.

Afterwards, we headed home to prepare for our big picnic! In the past we have gone up to lake with my grandparents, but since they have both passed away this past year, traditions are changing a little for the Johnson family. We had a small group this year. It was just my parents, Grandma Rich, and Kiah. Cael made it home in time for our campfire in our semi-new fire-pit that Tage built this summer. Since Labor Day still counts as summer, we had to grill and have a picnic of course. It was a beautiful day and a lovely evening to have a picnic on the deck. 

The spread... 
rice pudding, baked beans, and spicy green beans. The sausage and chicken were still on the grill when this picture was taken.

I asked her to look at the camera and this is what I get. Typical. Can you believe she starts 8th (!) grade tomorrow?!?!

Cooking away in the kitchen. 

 Spicy green beans! They actually weren't too far off from the ones I ate all the time in China. I got a little dried chili happy and they were a tad too spicy (even for me). Next time I won't put quite so many in and I think I'll have it down! Since many of you have asked, I'll write a separate blog post later this week with my recipe.

The evening ended with s'mores, banana bars, coffee, and listening to fireworks going off (we can't quite see them from my house) by the fire. 

2014 was a pretty great summer. Tomorrow it's back to reality with school for my parents and Kiah and well... back to resume writing and job applications for me.

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