Tuesday, September 9, 2014

And.... It's Back!

I have been without my camera for 7 weeks.... until today! I bought it back in early December, while I was home for Thanksgiving and Christmas. I had spent months researching and saving money for it (I taught swim lessons last summer in China) and was so excited to finally have my first DSLR! Thaddeus and I then flew back to China on Christmas Day. Soon after arriving back in China, I noticed two little black dots on all of my pictures. Hmmm.... that is weird.... had it always been like that? I looked at pictures I took while I was home and still learning how to use it... yep, they were still there. Well, that is not good! Thankfully I had a one year warranty but since I was in China, there was really nothing I could do until I arrived home in July.

I arrived home and just a few days later, called Canon to find out what I should do. I sent it into their repair center. It came back rather quickly and when I checked? Dots were still there. 
Called Canon again.... sent it in again. Arrived back? Still not repaired.
To make a long story short, after sending it FOUR times, I was getting beyond frustrated with my camera not being repaired and being without it. FINALLY a week ago, I didn't go through the repair center but called Canon directly and after being transferred several times, finally spoke to a very nice "higher up person." Since my camera had been sent in so many times, he said they were just going to replace it. My camera was a Canon Rebel T3i.... they were going to replace it with a T5i, which is two models newer than mine! 

Today it arrived. The dots are no longer an issue (praise the Lord!) and I am have my camera, fixed. 
I went out this afternoon and just took pictures of anything and everything.

Now I just have to remember how to use it!

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