Saturday, August 9, 2014

A Summer Party

Well... I had my DSLR camera back for a few hours yesterday to snap a few pictures of the big summer birthday party before it was sent off to the Canon Repair Center again for the THIRD time to be fixed. *Sigh* Hopefully one of these days they will actually fix it so I don't have to edit out those little black dots you'll notice in some of my pictures. Obviously I am tired of editing them out and so I just left them this time. 

Anyways, enough of my frustration about that. Last night we were able to have us all together including my aunt, uncle, cousin, grandma, nephews, brothers, the whole gang to celebrate my brother, Asa's, 23rd birthday (which was August 1st) and my nephew, Landon's, 5th birthday (which was July 11th, while I was still in China with my mom and Kiah). We had gorgeous weather and it was so wonderful to have everyone together for an evening of celebration. 

A summer evening at the Johnson's would not be complete without a little baseball. Obviously Micah loved it.

As did Landon!

The birthday boys: Asa and Landon. 

Landon decided to be a little ham for the camera, which I didn't mind.

Our neighbors who farm the fields next to our house, decided to do some work last evening. Tage and Landon were so cute sitting out on the grass, watching the tractor. I'm sure I'll have a separate post with all the cute pictures I snapped of the two of them.

Grandma or "bama" and Micah. I asked Micah, "can you look at the camera for Aunt Anneli?"

His response? "No." So there you have it. It's still a cute picture, even if he's not looking.

Present time!

And of course a birthday party is not complete without one of Grandma Rich's famous cakes.

The evening came to an end while sitting out by our new fire pit that Tage built. Having campfires is one of the things I have been looking forward to all summer. Nothing quite like a chilly, summer evening in western NY, sitting by a camp fire, roasting s'mores. Unfortunately I was too full from the pizza, chicken wing dip, veggies, and cake to eat any s'mores. I guess we'll have to do it again sometime soon. 

Landon has been anticipating this party ever since we arrived home from China. He already had a party on his actual birthday, but we wanted to do something when all of us were home. I hope it was worth the wait!

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