Friday, July 11, 2014

Last Few Days in Pictures

Today I really dropped the ball on documenting our day but I will try better tomorrow. We had a crazy busy morning which started off by talking to my Dad and then Skyping my nephew who turned 5 today!  We then spent some time with the toddlers before lunch and then headed downtown to show my mom and sister around "my town." I'm embarrassed to say I only took one picture. Like I said, I'll try to take more tomorrow.

After walking around for a few hours, we headed back to my apartment to drop out some groceries and then off we went to our local pizza place for pizza, greek salad, and nachos. Oh my were they delicious!

Since I don't have pictures from today, here are some pictures from the last few days.

I absolutely love this one, especially in the black and white.

The kids just love Kiah and she is so great with them!

Of course we all already knew that my mom is a natural.

The little sweetie who I had the privilege of naming after my brother a few months ago and who my parents sponsor.

It is hot, hot, and hot around here! We attempted to cool off the other day with a visit to our local smoothie shop.

Mango, watermelon, and papaya. Delicious!

On Thursday, we had my "Going Away lunch." Our director will be flying to the states in just a few days and so we had my farewell party a little early. It was a wonderful afternoon full of good food and great fellowship. I am truly blessed by all the amazing friends I have met here these last two years and I will miss them all so much. 

Kiah was brave and tried chicken feet! She actually liked them!

My Mom and my "China Mom." Janice, our director's wife, has been such a huge blessing to me these last few years when my mom wasn't always able to be here to give me a hug or a listening ear because of the time difference. I am blessed to have two amazing women of God in my life.

Sarah and Kiah. They have heard about each other for the last two years and have finally met!

Delicious food, as always. Have I mentioned how much I'll miss the food?

Our director was able to get several good "group shots" which I will share soon. I have loved my "home" for the last two years, the amazing friends the Lord has placed in my path, and the wonderful staff at the foster home. I will miss them all so very much. Dreading the "see you later's" that will be coming this next week.

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