Thursday, June 5, 2014

Food & Fellowship

We have a new family who joined us here to serve at the foster home several months ago. They are wonderful and are way better than me at meeting new friends! They have recently become good friends with several young people (I can say that because they are actually younger than me but then again, I guess I'm not that young anymore... hmmm..). We have all gotten together a few times now to eat and just spend time with one another. A few days ago, they wanted to cook us dinner!

A Chinese meal is not compete without vegetables. Especially corn as they love their corn!

This is a very popular dish in China, egg and tomato.

We just celebrated the Dragon Boat Festival and this sticky rice and red bean (cooked in leaves) is a tradition. It's not bad!

Of course, lots and lots of chopsticks.

The spread.

The sticky rice and red bean. Isn't it beautiful?

The girls hard at work.

Of course now that I'm leaving in a month I am making more friends! Oh well, I'm just really enjoying my last few weeks in China!

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