Friday, April 11, 2014


I am so behind on blogging, it's not even funny. Laura and I went to Macau on March 22nd, friends. MARCH 22nd.... that was what, three weeks ago? And I am now finally getting around to blogging about it. Never late than never, right? 

Why did we go to Macau? The main reason is because of my visa, I have to make an exit ever few months and my time was up. Second, it's very close and kind of fun to see. It's only about an hour to the border so we decided to just go for the day so I could get my stamp and Laura could see Macau. Let me tell you, however, if you ever plan to go to Macau on the weekend, do NOT go to the main border. This is what you will find...

Rather than wait for hours in line just to cross the border, we took a taxi to the less busy border. It was such a wise choice!

Finally we made it! We ended up having an absolutely gorgeous day. Could not have asked for better weather.

We walked around several casinos. In one of them we decided to get a treat. The crepes looked delicious and so we gave them a shot. They weren't bad although looked way better than they tasted.

The "hidden diamond" in the middle of the casino. Unfortunately it only shows every half an hour and we just saw the end of it, but I wasn't able to get my camera out fast enough. It was still beautiful though.

The Galaxy casino. No worries, we didn't gamble, just walked around!

Inside the "Venetian" casino. Isn't is lovely?

You can even go for a gondola ride! We decided to pass.

SO. MANY. PEOPLE. This is the casino friends and just one. I can't even imagine how much money comes in and out of that place daily. Very sad, really.

After looking around a few casinos, we decided to go the "old town."

St.Paul's ruins.

I love this picture of the cross.

Well there you have it. Our day in Macau. It was a long, tiring day but I got my stamp and Laura got to see Macau so the day was a success. This upcoming Tuesday, Laura and I are flying to Beijing! I'll try not to wait another three weeks to post those pictures...

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