Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Beijing - We Are Here!

We are here! Our trip was uneventful. We left my apartment just before 8 am to catch the bus to the airport bus station. A quick stop at Starbucks and we were on our way! Arrived at the airport, checked in (so easy when its not an international flight and you aren't checking baggage), and made it through security quickly. Once we boarded, we sat on the runway in Guangzhou for about an hour and a half. That was a bit frustrating but at least there were lots of movie options! We finally made it to Beijing a little after 5. We then started the adventure to find our hostel. We took a train, 2 subways,
and walked. We found it without any issues thankfully and just as it was getting dark. Our hostel is very nice, situated in a hutong which is pretty cool. After checking in and catching our breath, we headed out in search of food and bottled water. We were successful with both. My, how I've missed Beijing food! Dinner was fun. We were given a menu that had pictures and English but we them had to mark down on our order form what we wanted. Of course our order form was all in Chinese! We did well with matching characters! After dinner, we walked a bit to stretch out legs before heading back to our hostel. What a fun area! I can't wait to start taking pictures today.

Today we are up and getting ready for our first day if exploring. We are going to head to Tiannamen Square and Forbidden City this morning and one of the markets sometime today. Then really whatever else we find interesting to do. Tomorrow we booked a tour for the Great Wall so that's exciting!

So far the trip has been fun and relaxing. Just what I needed. I'm sorry but I only brought my iPod with me so I won't be posting any pictures until I'm home and have my computer.

Beijing adventure day 1.... here we come!

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