Friday, April 18, 2014

Beijing - Day 2

Today was Great Wall day! We had to wake up early since we needed to be ready to go at 7:40 am. After walking so much the day before, it was hard to get moving. But we did and joined several others from our hostel. Unfortunately it was raining this morning, the first day of rain in Beijing in 5 months! Figures, we chose to go the Great Wall that day. Since it was a 2 hour bus ride to the wall, we hoped the rain would stop. Our bus picked up people from other hostels so we were one bug group. The rise was long but pretty. I always love seeing rural China. We arrived at the Great Wall about 10. Even though this is my fourth time, it still amazes me. We tok a chair lift up which if you are afraid of heights, you would not like it! I am not, but it still made me nervous. Once on the wall, we had three hours to explore. It was misting when we arrived an thankfully stopped soon after. Thank you, Jesus! It was so much fun. It was not crowded at all and so we took our time taking pictures and exploring. I can't to get home and upload them! Since it had been raining, it was very hazy so you really couldn't see much if the mountains or the wall but it was still fun. We met up with our group at 1:30 for a delicious lunch before heading back to the city.

After arriving back around 4, we rested before heading to dinner. We decided that since this is vacation, we were going to treat it like one. And so we headed to Pizza Hut. Oh my, I had no idea how much I missed real pizza. Until then. It was so delicious! We then went to explore Wangfujing Street. We did a bit of shopping (and bartering!) and walked along where all the crazy "snacks" are. By crazy I mean scorpions, spiders, starfish, etc. on a stick. No thank you!

It was another fun day. Only one more full day! I have been posting pictures to Instagram (annelifjohnson) so go check them out!

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