Thursday, March 6, 2014

My Little Cow

Some Chinese outfits crack me up. Okay, a lot of them do. In the "winter" kids are bundled up in layer after layer of clothes. The Chinese are terrified of their kids getting sick and so they put even more layers on. I have been scolded more than once for not wearing enough layers when it is 70 degrees outside. Sorry, this New York girl just doesn't need to wear 4 layers when it's that warm. The top layer for our kids is usually a puffy snowsuit looking thing. 

This particular one makes me smile. It's a little cow. How adorable is that?

He's my little cow and absolutely precious.


  1. We've been warned that taking our daughter out not dressed for Arctic exploring even though it will be early summer when we're there means risking the wrath of Chinese women, who may even call a cop. I guess risk of a sniffle is considered worse than risk of heat stroke. Oh, well, I make no doubt that they think that some of our ways of raising kids are... strange.


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