Monday, March 10, 2014


Guess what, guess what?!?! Do you know what is happening today?!?! I'll give you a hint with the picture below.... and no, it sadly does not involve a slushy.

THIS girl is coming to see me!!! She is on an airplane right now somewhere between Africa and Asia and will arrive TONIGHT.

My sweet friend, Laura, who has been through so much with me (that really is an understatement). Including bad pictures.

We have eaten more hot n' ready's together than we would care to share (my mouth is watering just looking at this picture... how long until I'm home??).

And taken countless "photo shoots." Yeah, we're that special. 

A friend who encourages me, challenges me, and makes me a better person.

And what's even more exciting than the fact that she arrives tonight?! It's that she'll be here for at least  a month or two.

I'm heading to the airport this evening to meet her. I can't wait!

Amazing adventures await!

Thankfully, I won't get in trouble (yet) with all these pictures since she is on a plane at the moment. : )

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