Monday, February 17, 2014

That Time of Year


We are coming up on the most humid time of the year in southern China, March. Although maybe it's starting early this year since it's only February 17th and look at the floor of my apartment. 

No, I did not mop, but I seem to have a layer of condensation on my floors, walls, windows, everywhere.

Gone are the days where my clothes dry in a day and here are the days where everything molds instantly it seems.

Welcome to the humidity of the south. Oh joy, I can't wait. At least the worst month is usually March and then it's not quite so bad. It is warm though so I can't complain, right?


  1. Man, I thought that the humidity here in No. Carolina was bad!

    1. :) I had no idea it could get this humid. Until I moved here.



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