Saturday, February 1, 2014

Sunday Snapshot: Chinese New Year

Okay, I promise that this is my last post about Chinese New Year. Well.... I guess I can't really promise that. This MAY be my last post about Chinese New Year. We shall see. 

What a fun week it was! The official Chinese New Year was January 31st which means that "New Year's Eve" was on the 30th. My evening started out going for a walk to see some of the beautiful sites (and sounds) of the new year.

2014, what a year it is going to be!

I'm not sure what the carriage was all about but I thought it was beautiful. It made me think of Cinderella.

The carriage and some Christmas trees. That's China for you.

Afterwards, I went for dinner at my friend, Joy's. We had goose...

..and noodles. These noodles are supposed to make you live a long life.

We also had tofu but I didn't take a picture of that because I don't really like tofu.

Afterwards snacks were served. It looks like the Chinese form of Halloween!

And my cookies of course! You can't have a party without cookies.

We then ate some fruit to balance out all the junk unhealthy food we consumed throughout the evening.

Around 10:30, I headed back to my apartment where I got into my pj's before taking in some fireworks that I could see from my balcony that went off at midnight. Oh wait... the are STILL going off. 

It's not Chinese New Year without fireworks. 

This is what the sidewalks looked like the following morning.

Happy New Year!

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  1. Beautiful photos! Happy Chinese New Year! Thank you for all you do for the sweet babies you take care of each day!


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