Thursday, January 9, 2014

Miracle Students

Today was a big day. Two sweet girls joined my preschool class. My kiddos love school and when they aren't old enough to come, they try to come anyways and then throw a fit when they are not allowed. Today was the day. Sweetheart and Treasure got to join in on the fun.

As I was trying to find all my preschool material after being gone for 5 weeks and getting re-organized (still working on that one), I couldn't help but be reminded of what precious miracles I had in front of me. Both of these girls are living, breathing miracles. Without coming to the foster home, neither of them would probably be here today.

Sweetheart came to us as a tiny baby girl. Weak and sick. After two surgeries and lots of love, would you just look at her? Yes, miracle indeed.

Then there is Treasure. Remember all those months and months we all spent praying for this little girl? Interceding in prayer on her behalf and just begging God to let her live? That's right... this is the same little girl. Miracle indeed.

Even though having new students can be challenging and really tests my patience until they get the hang of how preschool works, I can't help but give thanks and praise to God. Because neither of these girls should probably be in my classroom. And yet they are. What else can I do but thank Him?


  1. I am so happy that there were open spots to take Sweetheart and Treasure!!!

    1. Crystal, me too! Although I do miss Cooper, Asa, and Marshall a lot. I took for granted how well they sat and listened! :)


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