Wednesday, January 15, 2014


This Sweetie arrived in our care back in October. She came to us the same day another little one was leaving us to join her adoptive family. 

She had surgery early December and has been in and out of the hospital since then. Finally, last week she arrived home at last. 

Sweetie is just so beautiful. I was captivated by her the first moment I laid eyes on her. I just knew I needed to get some updated pictures of her. She changed so much during the 6 weeks I didn't see her while I was in the states. She hardly looks like the same little girl.

What else can I say? Isn't she just breathtaking?

She has the most gorgeous eyes and beautiful long eyelashes. Her smile lights up the room and sucks you in. You can't help but be mesmerized by her.

Oh and she loves, loves, loves being held. Must be all those nights she spent in an orphanage bed crying for someone to hold her that she just can't get enough snuggles.

*Sigh* Just breathtaking. I really have no other words except that she is simply breathtaking.

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