Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Day 20 of Thankfulness: Opportunities

I am thankful for opportunities.
The Lord places many opportunities in our lives. The question is, whether we take them or not. I think of the opportunities I have had in my life. The opportunity to go on a mission trip to Mexico the summer of 2001 and how that trip is when God first opened my heart to the orphans. I think of the opportunity I had to go to college and earn an education. I think of the opportunity I have had to live in China. When I think of opportunities that I have taken, I also think of the ones I have missed. Most importantly, the opportunities that a person who does not know the Lord was placed in my path, and I didn't share my faith. Or the opportunities I had of people who I didn't love when they really needed it. 

The real question is, not to dwell on the opportunities I didn't take advantage of, but to not miss the future opportunities the Lord will place in my life. I pray that my heart will become more and more like Christ's. And that I will see people, the way He see's them. I pray that I will take each opportunity the Lord places in my life and use it for His glory.

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