Friday, July 19, 2013

Party Time!

I just love parties.... especially birthday parties. One of my favorite things at the foster home is celebrating each child's birthday. I love making them feel special and loved. And, it's an excellent excuse to eat cake. When I lived in China in 2010 I didn't really like Chinese cake but now I LOVE it. I think it gets better each time. Maybe southern China cake is better than northern China cake? Or maybe it has grown on me? Or maybe, China as improved their cake baking abilities in the last 3 years. 
 Not to mention that they are absolutely beautiful! Cakes in the states don't look like this (that I know of). I especially love all the fruit on them. Makes it feel a bit "healthier" right? ;-) Ok, not really...
This month, we celebrated this little Angel who turned 1...
 ... and this Precious boy who turned 3.
The rest of the kids don't really care that it's not their birthday.... they just love eating cake!
 "Yeah CAKE!!!"
 Happy Birthday Angel and Precious! I love both of you so very much and love watching God work miracles in your lives.

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