Monday, April 29, 2013

Patience & Trust

I feel as though I have not had any deep blog posts since I've been in the states.
Now when I read blogs, I like to read both.
I like to read the deep, meaningful posts that really make me think.
But I also like to read more lighthearted posts about life and see pictures.
Which is what I try to do with my blog.
A mix of both.

I have just been a poor blogger since arriving home over a month ago.
I hope that you will all forgive me.
Being home has been so refreshing.
It has been a great time of  rest and renewal.

I feel like most of the posts I have written have been pretty basic.
No real emotions or feelings written in them. Just pictures and how life is going.
And those are true.
But, there have also been some struggles and confusion since being home. 
As I have mentioned before, one of the main reasons for me returning was to apply for a new visa.
This is the third time I have applied for a Chinese Visa.
First one was in 2009 before I traveled in early 2010.
The second time was February 2012 before traveling in March.
So you would think I knew how to do this by now right?
Well I did... until China changed some of their requirements last summer.
Therefore, two weeks ago I spent most of the week sending emails back and forth to China trying to obtain the correct documents needed for my visa. 
Ok, so that was finally all figured out and sent off to New York City where my visa office is located.
So now it was just a matter of waiting for my visa to come back right?
Got an email two days later stating that my application had indeed arrived, but three different things needed changing or more information.
Again, more emails were exchanged between me and contacts in China.
FINALLY April 26th, got an email that the visa company felt that everything looked good and that my application would be submitted to the Chinese consulate.
So now I wait.
Feel confident I will get a visa, but now just a question of "for how long?"
I'll just have to wait and see.
Also while I was home, I ordered a new computer.
Mine is 3 1/2 years old and while it's still doing well for the most part, I use it a LOT.
Not only for my own personal use but also for my work at the foster home.
Therefore, I didn't want to take my chances and wait for it to quite working altogether and decided to replace it.
I ordered it and less than a week later, it arrived.
All was well until I realized that only one speaker was working.
They sent someone out to replace it, but it still didn't work.
Now they are going to replace the motherboard.
Plus other random things that have decided to go wrong with it.
Once again, a matter of waiting and trying not to get upset and frustrated.
At this point I am planning on staying in China another year.
I made a commitment and have spent much time in prayer and seeking guidance from my parents and close friends.
I really do not feel called to China long term but for now, that is where God wants me.
As I was researching adoption information for a friend of mine who I was meeting with this past weekend, I came across the perfect job for me.
I mean really.... a job that I picture myself doing once I move back.
But of course, it's at least one year too early.
I even spent time praying about applying for it, just to see what would happen.
But then I thought about my kids.
And the work I'm doing in China.
And I can't leave now. I made a commitment.
An agreement to go back for another year.
I am not one who backs out on my word.
Therefore, I came to the conclusion that the time is not right.
But I have had moments of doubt.
"This job is perfect... what if nothing comes up next summer when I'm really looking?"
God spoke softly to my heart, reminding me that His plan and His timing is perfect.
He has made it clear that He wants me in China another year.
He is still using me there.
I have also come to realize that He will have an even more perfect job for me when the time is right.
But now is not the time.
I was reminded me that He HEALED Treasure.
Won't He be able to solve a simple problem such as getting me the right visa?
Yes, I think so.

And I still have over 3 weeks until I head back.
3 weeks to get my computer fixed and taken care of.
Wont't He take care of that too?
Yes, I know He will.

An a job for the future?
He already knows what job I will have and where I will be.
He is preparing it for me now.

So, I just need to sit back, drink my Starbucks coffee, and enjoy the ride.
He knows and He cares.
He cares about the little things like my computer, visa, and future job.
His plans are good.

But He is calling me to trust Him and wait on His timing and His plan.
Not mine.
Which is oh so hard sometimes!
Okay, more than sometimes.

So these last few weeks have been full of trials. 
But I am blessed to have a God that sees the outcome of each one.
And will allow everything to fall into place.


  1. Such a great post. You are completely right. He knows the perfect job for you. He knows when you need it, too! It is so hard to wait, but there's so much to learn in the waiting times. Hugs to you. I'll be praying for you as you wait.

  2. Actually I don't assume you know how to do the visa process because things can change a lot from year to year as far as requirements go.

    Sounds like you need a replacement for your computer. I hope the company will do the right thing and do that for you.

    We do need to wait on His timing, but other times He may use events to give us courage in speaking up for thiungs like possibly shoddy workmanship.


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