Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Happy (belated) Easter!

I know, I know, I'm a few days late. 
But with Church, beach, pool time, hot tub, dinner, etc, I have been too tired to upload, edit pictures, and write a post.
And then our internet here has been a bit sketchy lately (sounds like China right?). 
And basically, I've been on vacation from the internet was well which is fine with me for a week!
Anyways... here is a short recap from Easter 2013. 

My family has been coming to Myrtle Beach for 16 years straight.
All of my brothers have played high school baseball down here and since I have 5 brothers well.... that makes quite a few visits down south for this family! 
Several years ago we found our "Myrtle Beach Church" and that is where we spend whatever Sunday we happen to be here. 
This year it fell on Easter Sunday.

After a wonderful Easter service, we stopped for some Krispy Kreams. 
Isn't the Easter egg doughnut adorable?! 
Kiah obviously enjoyed it...
What would a trip to Krispy Kreams be without our "official hats?"
Oh yeah... and a stop at Dunkin Donuts for a vanilla latte (my birthday coupon) and a pumpkin muffin.
I promise... I didn't JUST eat on Easter.
Even though the weather hasn't been the best down here, I just love the ocean.
Had our annual jelly bean hunt. 
Not too many more of those left I'm afraid as Kiah is starting to get "too cool" for things like that.
And what would Easter be without "Peeps" or "marshmallow Bunnies?"
As far as candy is concerned, I definitely chose the right holiday to be in the US.
I have missed those palm trees. 
Living in southern China has spoiled. me.
Being down here has been so wonderful.
Spent time with family, friends, and just relaxing.
God has been speaking to my heart a lot and given me clarity and peace about several things.
ThoseI will share later I'm sure, when the time is right.

Only a few more days and then heading back to the "snowy north."
Supposedly things are supposed to warm up there next week and spring may actually arrive.
I sure hope so!

I pray you all had a wonderful and blessed Easter.

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