Monday, March 11, 2013

Birthday Girl

Yesterday was Gem's 2nd birthday.
How is it that she is 2 years old already?! 
But it's true, she is.

Gem began attending morning preschool classes several months ago and she love it.
In the last few weeks she has really started picking up English and quickly.
 When one of our little ones celebrate a birthday, it always makes me a little sad.
I start thinking of their birth parents and the circumstances behind their abandonment.
Do Gem's birth parents have any idea that their little girl is not only alive but thriving?
 Do they have any idea that she is such a joy and a blessing to those around her and all over the world?
That she is smart, funny, and beautiful?
 These are questions that we will never have the answers too.
And it's a hard thing to grasp sometimes. 
So many unknowns.
So many missing pieces to her past.
 One things our kids DO know is how much they are loved.
As I listen to their giggles at this very moment in the other room,
they know.
They know that they are loved and wanted and cherished.
And I know they are going to be such a huge blessing to their forever families someday.
Happy 2nd Birthday sweet girl.
I am so blessed to play a part in your life.

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1 comment:

  1. Happy Birthday to Gem! May her life be filled with joy and happiness!


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