Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Quilt

One of the blessings about the work that we do is being able to see first hand how God provides.
And not only how He provides our needs but our wants as well.
It is so cool to see donation after donation come in from people all over the world who love our kids.

A few weeks ago, we received this gorgeous quilt from someone in the states. 
Gem decided right away that it was hers and proceeded to plop herself down and try it out!
 Miracle also decided he wanted a turn but Gem quickly put a stop to that!
 "This really IS soft, I could lay here for hours..."
This quilt can now be found in Gem's crib.... guess we know who won that argument!


  1. That quilt is simply beautiful ! It seems perfect for the little ones!!! It looks so soft and plush , I hope they enjoy it !!

    1. It really is, they love it! And it's beautiful!


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