Monday, February 4, 2013

School Days

Monday morning.
Another week of work and another week of class.
For some reason though I really enjoy my job and Monday's don't affect me like they used too!
I will admit I do enjoy my weekends being more relaxed and laid back.
Even though I end up in the foster home anyways, I don't have a set time or schedule to be there.
I love watching my little ones learn, especially Cutie here!
He has come such a long way in the 6 months he has been with us.
I love watching them squeal with glee when they "get something."
How proud they are of themselves when they speak in English.
Oh how it warms my heart.
Whenever my time in China is done it will be oh so hard.
I have fallen for these kids.
And fallen hard.
I don't think a job can get much better than this. 

Happy Monday!

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