Monday, February 25, 2013

How to Make Fried Rice

Since there were so many requests for my fried rice "recipe" on Facebook, figured I'd just write a blog post on it and share that!

Now keep in mind that in China, we rarely measure anything so you have to try and taste a bit to see what you need more of. 

*Old White Rice (better if you make a day or two before and let sit in the refrigerator before using)
* 2-3 eggs (depending on how much rice you are using)
* chopped green onion
* pork cut into very small pieces (I often marinade my pork in garlic, salt, and soy sauce)
* carrot or any other vegetable you want to use.
* Salt
* Garlic

Cut up tiny pieces of pork and let sit in mixture with a tad of soy sauce, salt, and finely chopped garlic (or I'm sure garlic powder would work as well). Saute on stove until fully cooked then set aside.

Oil bottom of wok and add salt (I usually add about a teaspoon). Add rice and work with metal or wooden spatula to break it up. Add 3 eggs (already cracked and mixed together) and stir the rice mixture. Fried rice uses a lot of arm muscle and you need to keep stirring it so that it doesn't burn. Once it starts to brown, add a bit of soy sauce. Then add green onion, carrot, or other veggies you would like to use. Continue stirring and add more salt if needed. Add already cooked pork and work into rice mixture. Once it reaches the amount of "browness" you would like, remove and eat!

Sorry, know this is VERY vague but like I said, there is no set recipe. : ) Leave me a comment or email me at: if you need further instructions! Maybe next I'll share my Chinese broccoli recipe!


  1. mmm! I love fried rice! I'm pinning this post so I remember to try it.

    1. Let me know if you have a any questions Rachel as it's hard to give exact measurements. It is delicious though!

  2. Sounds yummy (I've got it bookmarked) and I'll be waiting to see the Chinese broccoli recipe!


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