Sunday, January 27, 2013

My Girl

In less than 2 months I will be taking a bit of a "vacation from China" if you will. 
I get to spend 2 whole months with this girl....

.... and I cannot wait! 
This precious girl is beautiful inside and out and most likely I would not be doing what I am doing if it weren't for her. 
The impact she has had on my life has inspired me to "go" and help the orphans still waiting in China.

She has a heart of gold and her love for Jesus and others overflows from within her. 

She has a goofy side to her as well (hmmm... perhaps she gets that from her big sister??)

 Very soon my sweet girl, very soon I will see you. 
I will miss my babies here, but I am so excited to see my baby girl. 

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