Monday, December 3, 2012

Just Like Him


I love when God provides even the little things. The things that we may not even ask for! About two weeks ago, I lost my iPod cord and headphones. I had been sitting outside listening to a sermon and journaling and somehow left them on the bench. In China when something is left, it is fair game to whoever finds it. Thankfully I still had my iPod though! Now headphones can easily be replaced, but the cord I wasn’t so sure about. However, there was no way for me to charge it unless I had that cord! One thing that God has taught me a lot about living overseas is “not to panic.” I used to be the one to freak out if something didn’t go according to plan (funny I know), but while living overseas God has broken that in me and in the process I’ve been learning to trust Him even more. So once I realized that I had left my cord and headphones outside and there was no way they would still be there nor be returned (however I did look daily for the next week just in case), I didn’t panic. A friend of mine has the same iPod as me so when we would be in the office she would let me borrow hers and we were going to order another one online for me.

Yesterday, Katrina came into the office and said “I have a cord you can have.” WHAT?!?! “Yeah, I forgot that I have two. The intern who came this summer left hers when she headed back to the states and just replaced it there.” A few hours later, I did indeed have a replacement cord. And it didn’t cost me a cent (or a Yuan). I’m in the process of replacing my headphones still but who knows? Maybe if I wait a little bit longer, God will provide those as well!

It is just like Him to provide for our minor needs such as a cord.

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