Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Christmas in the Air

I will admit…. that first week after Thanksgiving, I was in a bit of a “funk.” It didn’t feel like Christmas. I was also nervous that it would be impossible to find anything Christmas to even decorate with. Let’s face it, I was just in an all around “bad mood.”

God has really changed my perspective. I thought about the meaning of Christmas. It is about Christ, the Messiah coming to earth as a baby to save us. Jesus knew He would die. Knew that He was coming to this earth to pay the price for us. And how selfless is that?

No, I’m not home. Yes, this Christmas will be very different than others, but isn’t the season about giving? Not necessarily giving gifts but giving of yourself?

I am living a life right now that most people would only dream about. The opportunity to live in a foreign country loving orphans. And I have the opportunity to make Christmas special for 12 of the most precious children I have ever met. Children that may have never celebrated a Christmas before. These were children who were abandoned. When I think about their abandonment though, I KNOW that their parents loved them. They loved them enough to let them go. So can’t I “let go” of some annual traditions and love on these treasures this Christmas season?

I definitely think I can do that. Yes, it may still be hard especially come Christmas morning. But I am so blessed with an amazing family and friends. I am already expecting several care packages with Christmas goodies to open Christmas morning. But the most exciting thing will be watching my kiddos open their gifts on Christmas morning. And to see the love and joy shining in their faces.

Isn’t this what Christmas is all about?


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