Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Too Late

I’ve debated in writing a post because honestly I didn’t know what to write. And I still don’t, but thought I would try at least.

Being away from home for the holidays is hard. I knew it would be hard, but was not prepared for how very hard it really is. Maybe it would be different if I had a family here to spend it with and make new Chinese Christmas traditions but I don’t. It’s just me. And what is the thing we love the most of the holiday season? Spending it with family, friends and loved ones.

Once again God smacked me on the side of the head though. Okay, not literally but sometimes I think he should! As I feel sorry for myself, I’m reminded once again how blessed I am.

The foster home has grown significantly in the last few months and we have now reached our maximum number of children until some are adopted. Therefore we have had to say “no” to several requests from orphanages to bring children in. One little on in particular we were hoping to possibly bring once a bed opened up. But that little one will never get that chance as he or she (I never heard which) passed away recently.

Yes, this work is hard and yes, it is hard being away for the holidays. But God has reminded me how blessed I am. And how He will see me through this difficult season. And how sacrificing being away from my family in order to love on these little ones is so worth it.

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  1. thank you for the real sacrifices that you make, of comfort, and of family that you make for the least of these.


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