Sunday, November 4, 2012

Doughnut Deliciousness

Bakeries. This is a huge weakness of mine in China. I absolutely LOVE their pastries! Now I don’t remember this quite so much in 2010, and so I believe there are more bakeries in southern China and they are delicious. Their pastries are always fresh, always soft, and always delicious.

At one of my favorite bakeries I have been eying their doughnut for months. Why have I put it off for so long? I guess because I keep thinking American doughnut and thinking that I would be disappointed. AND there are so many OTHER delicious choices.

Well Saturday was the day. It was sunny, breezy, and temperature in the mid 70’s. Perfect day to sit outside, read, drink a cup of tea, and eat a doughnut. And my oh my, let me tell you! It was SO good.

*Sigh* Now I wish I’d never tried it. I feel like this will not be my last doughnut in China.

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