Wednesday, October 10, 2012

One Less

“One less, one less, there’s one less broken heart in the world tonight.”
~ Matthew West

One less child lying on a plank of wood in a Chinese orphanage tonight.
One less little one crying to be picked up.
To be noticed.
I’m crying as I write this post. My heart breaks for those still waiting.
Those who think they’ve been forgotten.
I just pray that they will feel God’s peace tonight.
Peace that they are loved. They are cherished. They are children of God.
I can’t save them all, I know that.
But I can love the ones that the Lord has placed in front of me.
Yesterday that number became twelve.
TWELVE children who have a chance.
They have a hope and a future.
And I have the incredible opportunity to witness miracles.
Their miracles.
Her miracle.
While she waited to come, three of her orphanage brothers / sisters passed away.
But God has not forgotten her.
He is going to use her life in big ways.
She is a treasure in His eyes.


  1. I'm crying my eyes out right now, friend. Your heart is beautiful!

  2. Thank you for reminding us again and again Anneli that there is always another to help ... and that God chooses to include us in His plan to help them. And that we are to help those placed in front of us and leave the bigger picture to God so we aren't overwhelmed and discouraged. You are making SUCH a difference to the 12 in your care ... and to so many others you may not even know about. Thank you for your tender but mighty heart!! Big, Big Hugs!--Valerie


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