Wednesday, October 31, 2012

October 31st

Those of you who know me, know that I have mixed feelings of Halloween. HOWEVER, I absolutely LOVE fall, no doubt about that. And honestly I became homesick once October hit knowing that cool weather was arriving in NY, the leaves were changing to gorgeous oranges, reds, and yellows, pumpkins and fall decorations were out, and candy corn was in season. Come to find out, I DO miss Halloween.
I know people have mixed feelings about Halloween and whether to acknowledge it or not. In my family, we were always allowed to dress up and go trick-or-treating. However were never allowed to be ghosts, monsters, witch’s, etc.  It’s kind of funny because when I was homeschooled, we had to pick a historical character, write a report on them, and dress up as them for Halloween. Therefore, I was Clara Barton, Sakachawea (sp?), Abigail Addams…. you get the idea. We would then go from door to door in my “neighborhood” (since I live out in the country we would have to drive to each house), visit my grandparents, and my aunt and uncle’s house in town.
This Halloween is definitely different. No trick-or-treating with Kiah, no chatting and getting caught up with neighbors who we only see on this day each year, and no drinking a cup of coffee by the crackling fire at my aunt and uncle’s house. No, it’s not necessarily my favorite holiday, but I have come to love something about it.
Today was enjoyed with my kiddos though. Due to it being Halloween and all, I brought a pumpkin to class and we did a pumpkin craft. The kids loved it. However at first they thought the pumpkin was an apple! Did I mention that we are still working on our English?
We of course had to do a pumpkin craft today. It was a 2 day craft (I love those… less planning!) and yesterday we painted our pumpkins and today glued on the stems and pumpkin seeds.
Of course the main reason people like Halloween is the CANDY! No candy for these kids…. well I did give them some marshmallows… does that count?
As for me? I will be curling up with a blanket, cup of tea, chocolate bar from a recent care package, apple pie smelling candle, and a good book. The best news of all is that a sweater will also be needed as it only reached 73 today and is downright chilly!
Yes, Happy Halloween indeed…..
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