Sunday, October 14, 2012

Her Grasp

This little Treasure has a firm grasp on me.
On my heart.
Maybe it’s because I saw her lying in a poor Chinese orphanage just 4 months ago.
Maybe it’s because there were 4 heart babies at this particular orphanage and she is the only one still alive.
Maybe it’s because I see that she’s a little fighter.
Maybe it’s because I see a sign of hope in her dark eyes.
Maybe it’s because I love seeing her make little strides each day.
Learn to grasp onto a toy.
To smile.
To trust.

Yep, this little one has a firm grasp on my heart.
And I can tell she’s not letting go anytime soon.



  1. Glad to hear Leila is making strides...even little ones are momentous. She is such a darling! So thankful for the love and care she is receiving and that she continues to get stronger everyday. God bless!

  2. I love how you take these little ones, each of them, into your heart. I tell ya, I think NDN and NDS is having a dueling match between cute new kids! I'm so glad that Leila is here now. SOOOOO sweet. I wish her 3 mates had made the journey too :-( But God has higher plans. Continue to love those in front of you--it's beautiful!

  3. Anneli,
    I have been following your blog along with NDS & NDN blogs, Hanna's blog, and the Ripley's. We are sponsors of B. first, and then C. captured are hearts last Spring also.
    I just went on FB and saw the Christmas sponsorship and of course my computer doesn't support the e-mail program ND is using. So could you e-mail me at
    We would like to make contact with you as soon as possible for the two sweeties.
    Barbara Lyman
    WA state


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