Thursday, September 6, 2012

Why I Blog

The last few weeks I have felt the nudging from the Lord to write a post stating the reasons why I blog.

This came about because I enjoy reading blogs.

I enjoy reading the stories of friends from all over the world write out their thoughts and experiences.

Some are in the adoption process.

Some are overseas.

Most are just living life for Christ where they are.

I have read so many blogs that are an inspiration to me.

As I read through my list of “usual blogs” daily, I often come across one that speaks directly to my heart.

And what I’m going through.

However… I unfortunately read some that leave me frustrated.

Many appear to be self-serving.

And putting oneself in the “spotlight” so to speak.

Or perhaps writing all the time about how wonderful life is and how they never doubt their trust in God.

And this made me think about my own writing.

My own motives.

As I have stopped reading certain blogs recently for the above reasons, it made me ask myself the same question…


Is it for my own glory?

To put myself in the spotlight?

To show others how much I trust God when things are tough?

I must agree with you, my dear readers, life is hard.

I struggle.

I hurt.

But I am also real.

I want to be real with myself and real with you.

Yes, I trust God.

But trusting is hard sometimes.

And there are times, I do not understand what He is doing.

And honest, I get frustrated at Him.

Yes, I trust Him…. but trust becomes deeper as I grow in this journey of faith.

So back to my original question….

“why does Anneli blog?”

And here are my reasons:

1) To keep my friends / family back home updated.

Since my role here in China is fully support based, I feel the need and desire to keep my supporters (both prayerfully and financially) up to date on the latest happenings and how they can be praying for me and the children.

2) To give others a glimpse into live overseas and specifically into life in China.

I know of so many people who would love to do what I do. To be able to travel and go see the world.

One of the positives of being single (for now) I suppose.

I try to give my readers a glimpse into what living in China is like. And what living overseas is like. And my prayer is that others will see that they can do it too. : )

3) Be an encouragement to others.

I do not have all the answers to life’s questions. Sorry. But I am real with people. The struggles you read about are real. I am a very honest person. When asked “how are you?” I will often ask people “do you want the general ‘I’m fine’ answer, or do you want the real answer?”

That’s just me.

And if I can be an encouragement to just one person.

Then my blog is doing it’s job.

When I go through struggles and valley’s in life, I believe that I go through them not only for me to grow and learn, but also to encourage others who may be going through a similar situation.

4) Orphan & Adoption awareness.

I can not advocate for specific kids. But I CAN advocate for the

148 million orphans in this world.

Orphan care and adoption is my heart.

It’s been on my heart for the last 11 years, ever since I visited a Mexican orphanage for a week in 2001. And later when my family brought my precious sister home from China.

It’s who I am.

My goal is to get Christians and the Church around the world to do something.

To get on board with “caring for the widows and the orphans” as Christ commands us to do (James 1:27).

Is everyone called to adopt?

Probably not.

But we ARE all called to do something.

You can sponsor a child.

Go on a short term (or long term!) mission trip.

You can help another family financially fund an adoption.

I can think of at least 4 families that would love to adopt.

But financially… do not have the funds.

What if we all gave something?

How much different would our world look

Now the 4th and most important reason as to why I blog…

4) To bring Christ honor and glory.

I don’t do anything in life because I am a “good person.”

I am a sinner saved by grace, just like the rest of you.

I am definitely not “super Christian.”

And I am not here for my own personal glory.

Trust me… I would find something more “comfortable” if I were doing that!

But God has called me to this place for this season.

And in ALL I do, I give Him the honor and the praise.

So this is why I blog.

Why I pour out my heart for the whole world to see.

If you ever question my motives… please ask me.

Because this is not about me.

It’s all about Him.



  1. This is great. Amen. Thank you for sharing. I hope to do the same and appreciate honesty if you feel I am not. I've been praying about whether to continue to blog or not. I hope to bring the good news to others. But just like you are saying, I am not perfect either. Thanks.

  2. Thank you so much for blogging -- you are indeed an encouragement ^_^


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